Your website as a Sales Tool

19 November 2017

Are you working for your website, or is it working for you?

There are websites in the world that are static, they’ve existed on the world-wide-web for eons and haven’t been touched since. Reminiscent of a lonely tombstone in a faraway corner of the graveyard, unvisited and obsolete.

Websites, like a car, are a tool that gets you from A to B. Whether you have a vintage vehicle that doesn’t drive far, that you blew your budget on and that you show to a very small select few is just a choice.

Although the more ideal choice, like that of an ideal car is for it to get you to where you want to go, safely, quickly, easily and with the least amount of hassle. Giving you a beautiful ride along the way.
The same can be said of your website. 

It’s never too late to turn your website around and rather have it lounging about looking pretty and expensive, let’s put it to good use and turn it into an equally valued member of your sales and marketing team.

What can a hardworking, high performing website look like?

Now, a website can be a highly valuable tool. When it’s done right it’ll work around the clock.

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When everyone else has knocked off and is in bed sleeping it will still be sharing information, collecting leads perhaps cutting a few deals in the process.

It can and will extend beyond your known boundaries, and introduce you to clients both near and a far.

It’s a calling card for your company’s professionalism, credibility and your boundless knowledge and experience in your field of business.

And more than all that, it’s a tool not unlike a beer in a pub after a business meeting – that can become a cornerstone of the relationships that you build and nurture with your target audience and potential clients.

Can a Website be Empathetic too?

Just as the barman may listen to a customer’s woes, so too can a website and the content therein speak to a client’s needs, issues, challenges and pain-points. It can advise, make their life easier and shine a light on a subject they’ve not seen before.

A website - built with the customer in mind, with content that speaks to its visitors in their voice - can understand them and speak their language. Through automated inbound marketing, it’ll capture their details and share valuable insights with your sales team.

Through a sound inbound strategy, you’ll not only capture highly qualified leads, but you’ll be assisted in nurturing the relationship that you have with them until their ready to buy or use your services.

And all with minimum effort of your company’s sales team, if anything it’ll automate to the point where it will save them valuable time, which would be best spent preparing tenders for clients, and providing a more strategic service.

We have compiled a list of what we believe a must-have in a functional website. Grab your free copy today: 

Receive free guide '25 website must-haves  for driving traffic, leads and sales'


Your company’s website, has the potential to become the rockstar of your sales team, if you’ll let it. Prepare wisely, include it in your company strategy and give it the love and attention it deserves.

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