Why Medical Specialists should invest in Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing encompasses the disciplined activities that attract the right type of customers to your business. By creating relatable, targeted and useful content practitioners can be seen as an authority on their speciality and gain the trust of a larger audience. The goal is to generate a long term growing funnel of clients and referrers.

By focusing on the patient and markets that influence patients, the content you create is intended to guide them throughout their buying journey, help solve their problems and keep your name at the forefront of their minds.

Attracting prospects with content is half the battle won. The other half is to have segmented nurturing sequences to send personalised and targeted content as they go through the research and buying phase.

Many patients will take some time to make their decision. The name that stands by them with useful information along the way will ultimately reap the rewards of their commitment to the patient. And no one will be in a better position to know these stages, the fears, the myths and the reservations their patients will be going through than the specialist.

Customer Journey-01 (1)

Taking a longer term view of your patient decision making processes has been seen to pay dividends for diligent and caring practitioners in Australia.

By addressing each stage of their journey with targeted and relevant content, the practitioner shows empathy and becomes a trusted brand. The longer this content is on a website, the more likely a website is to be found by consumers hungry for information. (Over 5% of all Google searches are health related.)

By continually producing relevant and valued content their websites become more popular and in-turn begin to rank higher in search engine results.

Being more in tune with prospective patients, creates a larger funnel of referrers as well as patients. Associated markets such as relatives and friends (carers) also grow the funnel as these groups are often searching for their loved ones for helpful information.

In a world where patients have the opportunity to research anything at length on the internet before making a decision or even talking to a medically qualified person, the opportunity to be the provider of some of that research is a powerful one. Tools such as Social Media and video give practitioners effective new ways to add to website traffic and reputation.Examples of ContentFigure 1. Examples of Content with which Medical Specialists grow audience and reputation.

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  • NB There are clear regulations that medical practitioners must follow to remain within guidelines for marketing as set out by APRA. These should be made clear to you at the outset of any Inbound Marketing plan by your chosen agency.
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