What type of video is right for your business?

27 February 2020

No idea is ever a whole concept in a vacuum. It can’t stand alone. It takes an idea to spark a thought or inspire something creative, but an idea can’t be anything real without some sort of action. Video marketing campaigns are made and lost on an idea. You might have a brilliant one and with a good understanding and guiding concepts, you can create great video content from it. Below are a few types of video that I personally and my team have done. Our video in this blog as it showcases what each type of video looks and feels like.

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Marketing Video Types


If you are looking to engage your audience or create more brand awareness on your social channels, these types of videos are great. They are generally snappy and edited to pumping music or are an inspiring story, colourful imagery or (let’s be honest here) cute dogs/babies/cats/birds. When you are planning a marketing campaign you need to make sure that you are creating something that is built for your audience. Say you sell a spa package that includes a massage, facial and mud rub. Your social media ad needs to convey a relaxing feeling or a feeling of being beautiful. Make a video that connects with one aspect of your target audience to generate natural curiosity.


A branding video is used to solidify what your brand represents in the minds of your potential customers. If you are a coffee company, you can show how your unique style of roasting is why you are different from others. It also clearly shows your branding colours and logo throughout the video to keep in the eyes of your viewers. Help differentiate yourself with a bit of humour or something that says, We are these people and this is our brand. 


Your videos can be entertaining and educational; edutainment if you will. This means you are informing your viewer on an aspect of your business or what you do with a little flair and panache. This is otherwise known as a bit of style with engaging substance. A great way of showing off what you do or what your products are used for is to fo the ‘disembody hands/leg/ videos. You’ve seen the cooking videos that shoot the cooking process from above the stove and ingredients. This is a type of Informational video showing how something is down. It is also instantly spreadable on social media but adds real value to your viewers.

These are just 3 of the numerous ways you can create video content that helps you market yourself to new customers. Your videos will be more accessible and shareable amongst the social channels and on video sites whilst boosting traffic that sees your brand. 

Video Marketing works and we can help you make it work for you. Find out how Nimbler Digital has helped others just like you.

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