What makes a "Member Centric" website and why does it matter?

17 August 2016

Today’s web capabilities mean that as a club, the role of your website has changed dramatically. What used to be a nice place to showcase your club to prospective members, your website is now the platform for delivery of ever increasing member benefits.

Membership of any club is a lifestyle purchase and, when looking at how to spend their money, potential members will be faced with a growing number of alternative ways to spend their leisure dollars.

Making your website "Member Centric" will make the decision to stay or join your club easier for potential members as it not only helps deliver the tangible benefits – newsletters, events, and more, but your website can also deliver the intangible benefits extremely well. Members join clubs (be they golf, sports, dining etc for other things; the feeling of being important, of belonging to a group, being involved every day (not just when on-site), of having a social group of like-minded people.

A "Member Centric" website is the new "door to their club" for members and the list of features you can offer members is limited only by imagination.

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Responsive is a must have

The emergence of smartphones and tablets means that people now expect (and interact with) their club 24/7. It is no longer a novelty to receive and respond to an invitation by email on your phone. Delivering all your club communications in a format easily read and responded to on a smartphone or tablet shows your club is in tune with a member’s needs. It also allows for instant response.

Given that people are beginning to expect this type of real-time, go anywhere communications, the next opportunity available to clubs is to use it to increase the value of such communications.

"Book your table/tee time, seat-at-an-event" right now is not only easier for a member to do by pressing a single button, it also makes them feel important. It says "We know who you are and value your patronage."

Automated Marketing techniques will keep them coming back

When someone knows your name, it’s a feel good moment. Clubs should offer this basic benefit on-site as a mandatory. But when a communication from your club not only knows your name but knows your preferences, past activities, most favourite other members and more (e.g. your favourite tee-off time), the feeling of belonging generated for that member can outweigh anything achievable in the clubhouse. The latest online automated marketing platforms allows clubs to dissect, direct and deliver more personally tailored messages than even the best front of house staff.

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