The flywheel approach: how to delight your customers

5 December 2018

Getting new customers online is often a multi-step process. Not only do you need to attract people to your site and get them to engage with you, you also need to impress them enough that they then make a purchase.

To do this, you need to delight your website users. Not just when they arrive on your site, but in the days, weeks and months afterwards.

How do you delight visitors?

Although the answer varies from business to business, it's often a case of providing the visitor with more of what made them engage with you in the first place. If they liked a blog post that you posted on social media, this is a sign that you're writing articles that appeal to them. Likewise with videos and other forms of content.

You can get smarter with your approach. If someone signed up for your newsletter through an ebook campaign, you already know a little about that person and their problems or their goals. Based on the personas that you've created, you can create a set of email responses that automatically get sent to people who use a certain form on your site.

This means they receive emails that you've tailored for them, giving them content that speaks to their interests or needs. This shows that you're a business that understands their problems and how to fix them.

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The key to delight

If you're not sure whether you're delighting customers and leads, you're probably not. Think about what someone would expect from you at every step of your transaction and make sure you're going beyond that. Meeting someone's expectations is not the same as exceeding them.

Over time, you'll be able to craft a model that works. Following up with people who have engaged with you and shown an interest in your offerings is vital; it's knowing how and when that's the tricky part.

By going above and beyond to create a memorable customer experience with things like discounts, gifts, promotion or spontaneous outreach to your customers, you can foster an emotional connection and sense of goodwill that will make people more likely to be loyal to your brand in the long term.

Delighting customers after the sale

It's much more cost-effective to get repeat business than having to chase for new customers all the time, but this is an area that many businesses fail to focus on. Not only can it lead to repeat business, it can also lead to good word-of-mouth marketing and positive online reviews – and today, people trust other people more than they trust brands.

Creating content that helps keep customers happy – whether they're paying memberships or not – is a great way to increase your income. Creating videos that show how to get the best from your product and writing articles to answer common questions are two easy ways to do this. Emailing customers with updates or special deals can also have benefits.

If you're stuck for ideas, requesting customer feedback is a great way to improve your work. Whether you do this immediately after a sale or you wait a while to give them time to use your product or service is up to you, but either way, it's a good way to find out how well you're doing.

Just like when you're trying to initially convert a lead, you can automate emails based on a purchase so that customers get the right content when you want them to see it.

This article is one in a series for website owners and marketers looking to increase online business. Read more on the attract, engage and delight process here.

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