Successful Podcasting – a strategic tool for reach, credibility and sales lead generation

Over the last 5 years, the online listening content medium of Podcasting has grown rapidly as a popular consumer choice. As a marketing (more aptly – a “Content marketing”) strategy, this type of content can be highly effective due to the specialisation of content and the low cost of production that can be achieved.

By late 2019, research showed that 83% of Australians 12+ were aware of Podcasts (Online packaged audio-only content productions) as a consumable media type. Growth in the consumption of Podcasts in Australia exceeds even the US with 30% of Australians listening to Podcasts. And each Podcast listener in Australia listened to an average of 6 Podcasts last week.

The largest group of listeners in Australia are the 35-54 year old demographic making up 22% of total audience. The next largest group is the 12-34 year old demographic making up 18%. 55+ made up a further 8%.

Why is Podcasting a good strategy?

The practice of listening to podcasts is growing. In a content overloaded environment, Podcasts have several things going for them.

  1. Listeners can save and listen to their favourite content at their most convenient times as well as on their most convenient device (smartphone or computer). This also means they can listen both in the car and then later on at home. With so many professionals wanting to utilise their drive time productively, Podcasts represent the best resource to consume at these times.
  2. The ease of production means that more specialised operators can make podcasts with more highly specialised content for more niche audiences. This makes the content less generalist and more interesting to people with special requirements.
  3. With Podcasts being made for special interest groups, they can easily be coupled with associated social media profiles (operated by the Podcast producer) and as such, a more intimate relationship can be developed with the listeners (your market). In turn content can be tailored to their needs as communicated via social platforms and even podcast distribution platforms.

Some of the strategic goals achieved using podcasts as a content medium include: deeper relationships with an audience, developing greater familiarity and trust, Increased word of mouth within a specific target audience, easy delivery of more sophisticated messaging, increased referrals, SEO and increased overall awareness/credibility of your brand – all of which underpins more efficient sales processes and more sales qualified leads.

Ensuring a return in investment

Podcast Success InfographicMaximising the ROI on the production of a Podcast (best as a series or episodal production), there are 7 key steps to consider. To build an audience of loyal followers is the first goal and to do this, promotion and engagement of listeners is critical. These steps are shown in this infographic.

While anyone can make a podcast (all you need at the most basic level is a microphone), a professional team will not only ensure the sound quality is at a premium but they will work with you to plan each episode and work with you live while you are recording and interviewing, catching content ideas and suggesting interview directions while your interview is happening. (Nimbler Digital includes a Podcast sound and content producer for each recording)

A professional team can also supply an online recording platform that facilitates the recording using a website/meeting place where you and your guests can see each other during the recording while in different places.

Once your podcast is recorded and produced and sounds great, the next critical step is setting up its distribution. You will typically want to host the Podcast on one of several Podcast hosting server options and then distribute it via multiple distribution profiles in various places (e.g. Spotify, Apple ITunes, Stitcher etc).

With your Podcast ready for publishing, attaching appropriate show notes for each episode again adds to the value you offer your listeners.

Get the word out

Backing it all up with an active social media presence will round out the overall strategy allowing current listeners to find you new ones by liking and sharing posts that promote or give snippets of each episode.

Done right, a Podcast can be a highly effective and measurable tool in your online marketing arsenal.

Nimbler Digital produces Podcast series for clients such as Adobe (Adobe Martech Talk) using a unique in-house online platform that our clients enjoy for its ease and the quality content it facilitates.

For further information or an obligation-free consultation, contact Jonathan Poynter or Chad Shuttleworth at Nimbler Digital on (02) 4961 1166.


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