Mo-geddon? Keep Calm Everybody

17 August 2016

As you may have heard, on April 21st 2016 Google made new changes to their algorithms to rank mobile-friendly websites higher on mobile searches.

Businesses were faced with the task of discovering if their website met mobile requirements. Google took away the guessing and provided an easy way to test your website to know if it meets their mobile specifications. 

Companies given a green light on their website were able to sit back, relax, and move on to other more important things. Those who didn't pass the mobile-friendly test received a daunting new task of becoming mobile-ready or they could kiss their high rankings goodbye. True to form, wide-spread panic ensued and businesses everywhere were frantic to meet this new requirement by the looming April 21st deadline.

It's a well-known fact mobile users are increasing by the hour, but perhaps this algorithm change isn't a cause for panic for your business as many might suggest.

E-commerce businesses who rely heavily on SEO could be affected by this change on mobile search results. Google has made this clear.

But it begs the question, where do your competitors stand? If your competitors are in the same position you are in of frantically updating or creating a mobile-friendly website, your situation may not be as dire as you think.

Better yet, what if your current stats show the majority of your customers use a desktop when searching for or ordering from your business? Is this new mobile requirement cause for alarm? Maybe not.

If your business falls into either of these categories, don't feel the pressure of a deadline to make expensive changes to your website overnight. If a mobile-friendly website would add value to your clients and customers, improve your rankings, and increase business over time, the update is worth the investment.

Rather than reacting from a state of panic, evaluate your market including where your competition stands and make a change based on what is right for your business. Remember, “relevance” should still be your guiding principal. The same investment in engaging content could be an even better investment at this time.

Google is keeping a close eye on mobile trends and wants to encourage companies to move in this direction, but it's no need for alarm. Evaluate the needs of your specific business and competition and move forward with mobile capabilities as part of your plan for growth. There's no need to base your decision on the wide-spread panic of everyone else.

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