It’s no longer a website – it’s a digital ecosystem!

7 November 2016

There are few more important tasks for a Marketer than re-developing your company’s website. It is no longer just a brochure online - today it is the cornerstone of your brand.

For most businesses, your customer’s first (and sometimes only) experience of your company may be through your website. For B2B marketers, research is emerging that new prospects are likely to have made 80% of their decision journey before ever contacting the organisation to make an enquiry (Gartner 2015). The place for customers to gather information, get a feel for your style, an indication of how “on-the-ball” you might be (and much more) will be your website.

For B2C marketers, your website could well be where your customers start, research, purchase and finish their dealings with your organisation: their whole experience of your brand could be via the internet, and a huge part of this will be your site.

When setting out to create a website design brief it is sensible to keep in mind that consumers will not just visit your website... but your social pages, Google (or another search engine), Youtube, review sources, email newsletters, and more. And they will probably do it on more than one type of device. This is your digital ecosystem!


Understanding this digital ecosystem - how and where your brand can be found on the net -  is critical knowledge to collate before you start to design your website.

How your website interacts with all things on the net is the vital starting block for your online success as well as how your customers will interact with it. (Can they search, comment, enquire, compare and trial?)

At Nimbler Digital, we recommend you take time to evaluate, workshop and orchestrate the digital ecosystem of a brand before you start building or designing a website. Knowing how your customers will experience you before, during and after their first website visit can change how you choose to build it.

Thinking of your website as the mother-tree in a vast and seething digital ecosystem is key to effective website development, and savvy operators make this recognition as they start their website design brief.

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