How to Use Data Driven Marketing to Increase Conversion

10 November 2017

Digital marketing’s greatest advantage over traditional marketing has always been its measurability. At each phase of a customer’s journey, digital marketing allows you to collect pertinent data regarding the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. This level of precise measurement allows you to build upon your business’ success in order to tailor your marketing efforts to your audience which profitably impacts your bottom line.

 With data driven marketing, you can go even further.

 3 Ways to Use Data Driven Marketing To Increase Your Conversion Rate

Conversion is an important metric for any business to be aware of. It is the process of turning visitors to your websites into customers. This measurement is particularly important as it directly correlates to the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. The more effective your marketing strategy is, the higher your conversion rate will be and the more profits your business will see.

Marketing that is driven by data is extremely helpful in increasing your business’ conversion rate. Here are 3 ways data can drive your marketing to help you improve your conversion rate.

Buyer Personas and The Customer Journey:

Digital marketing allows you to collect valuable data related to your business’ target audience and their habits as well as buying behaviours. With this data, it is possible to optimise the buyer’s journey and customer experience for specific segments of your audience and to create a sales funnel that is expertly tailored to meet the nurturing needs of each faction of your target market.

Creating Effective Landing Pages: With digital marketing, it is possible to collect data related to the actions of each visitor to your business’ website, including website analytics and heat maps which show the areas of your website where visitors spend the most time. This data provides you with valuable information that will play an important role in the creation and optimisation of landing pages which target each of your buyer personas and nurture them along the sales funnel to increase your website’s conversion.

Data driven marketing

A Personalised Experience: Typically, a company’s website provides a broad experience which is the same for all visitors to the site. To be more effective, however, personalised experiences provide the right level of nurture to each customer persona.

Creating a personalised experience relies heavily on the collection of data. Information such as: geographic location, the device used while browsing your website, where the visitor originated from and what areas of your website most interested that individual allow you to tailor your website experience to meet the needs of each persona.

The take away is that data driven marketing is more relevant than ever in attracting visitors to your business’ website and getting them to convert.

Here at Nimbler, we are experts in the data deep dive. As a digital first marketing agency, we expertly mine for pertinent data and decipher it in such a way that we are able to create the foundation of all aspects of the digital strategies that we create and implement for the businesses that we work with.

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