Good News from #INBOUND18 Partner Day

6 September 2018

Every year Hubspot hosts one of the biggest marketing conferences in the world. INBOUND attracts about 10,000 marketers responsible for revenue growth in their companies with keunote speakers and hundreds of breakout sessions offering technical and strategic training.

The day before INBOUND kicks off, a group of Hubspot Agency Partners is invited to a preview day.  Sort of an INBOUND for Partners. This year, two main themes came out of this day with the Hubspot Gurus and as growth specialists, we are very happy about both of them.

Hubspot is becoming more universal.

Until now Hubspot has struggled to be equally useful to all business. While we believe that Hubspot is the best automated marketing software around, generally, the cost of the Hubspot App has made it inaccessible for small /micro business.  Likewise the software had limitations in meeting all the needs of Enterprise clients. Changes revealed this week are addressing these problems.

A new entry level Marketing product for as low as $50 per month will give small businesses the chance to use INBOUND techniques to get things off the ground.

At the other end of the spectrum, Enterprise customers now have the ability to manage large numbers of clients without the old price pains. The changes have also made it much easier for larger database activities across multi departmental teams meeting the needs of Enterprise customers.

Move to a "Platform"

The other distinction made this year actually began about a year ago. Hubspot now sees itself as a Platform, not an app. The software is now the base on which, through a constantly updating API set, that integrates with over 100 other other saas products that are proving themselves popular. These integrations include Stripe, Wistia and Slack.

Developers of other apps can now develop their products with an automatic integration with the Hubspot platform and make it available to all Hubspot users.

At Nimbler Digital we have a unique but dedicated fascination with the fact that your marketing is most effective as a Digital Marketing Ecosystem. Where Hubspot are going is exactly where we have been turning over the last 12 months. Now INBOUND is underway, we will report back regularly with more revelations and new ideas that continue to come from speakers and thinkers


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