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13 November 2017


The State of SEO Today

Have you heard the word on the street, SEO is still the ‘in thing’. Worse than that, it looks like it’s here to stay.  Many Company owners, marketeers and Web Agencies have tried to ignore it, brush it under the rug, in the hope they’d wake up one day and it will have slunk off to into the wild oblivion.

Of course, on the other side there is a slew of wild SEO cowboys – these sparkly full of life SEO companies, or those that cost pennies an hour living on foreign shores; all will be full of promises, numbers and stats that can seem blinding. With a magical wand they’ll promise to transform your website and online presence.

In all honesty, if you believe this you might want to stop reading now and I’ll be wishing you a fine day.

Really SEO is and isn’t all that.  It can make a huge difference, and yet perhaps not in the way you think. Let me explain.

SEO debunked, the What and Why

Most would have you believe that SEO is a mysterious magical language that only a few can understand and grasp.

Yet, it is more akin to the postal address of your business. While it may not sound like much, it’s there, and without it - the postman, clients and staff will not know where to go to and how to get there.

 SEO put at its simplest is giving search engines such as Google the ways and the means to find you.  And there are some signposts that Google prefers over others. Once you follow these signposts your website will be Search Engine Optimized.

Remember, once upon a time there were no streets, it was simply the round house, next to the oak tree past the second fork in the road.  Which is fine in the village with one postman, and hardly works in the city.

And such is our web, once upon a time there were very few sites competing for airtime and a customers’ attention – now there are 3.5 Billion searches a day, that’s 40’000 a second.  So, the likes of Google are forever working to set up algorithms to send their customers to the most suitable site.

To get those searching customers to you, a search engine needs to know that you are relevant, and the right company to send them to.

By following some of the rules by which these algorithms are put together, Google will prefer you over other companies and competitors and start sending those customers to you.  If the customers stay on your site, Google will believe they’ve done a great job and keep you the top of the page.

Clear steps to SEO .

Clear SEO steps you can start to use today

Now then, words like algorithms make it sound like you might need a mathematician or a SEO marvel to unravel the facts.  Yet, logic works just as well. 

Here are 5 simple clear steps you can start today:

1. Know your Keywords

Keywords are just that key.  These are the words your buyer personawill be typing into a Search engine to try to find you.  Not the words you may use internally.  You can Research the most suitable Keywords by using a keyword analyser. Be sure to seed these words throughout your content.

2. Publish Relevant Content

While keywords are obviously key, many companies are stuffing so many into their content that it becomes unreadable. If a customer finds your site and finds the content full of jargon, badly written and irrelevant they’ll leave just as quickly.  Which is why Google now penalises sites that practice key word stuffing. Good interest rich content on subject will keep people on your page which will please Search Engines equally – thus keep sending people to you.

3. Create Inbound Links

These are simply links on external websites that lead back to your article. This shows credibility and in turn shows Search Engines that if other people are linking to you as an information source then it must be so.  Be sure to build an inbound strategy into your online marketing plan.

4. Make sure each blog has a Title and Alt attributes

Use the keywords in the title, your main keyword in the URL. And as Search Engines don’t see images it is advisable to also add an Alt-tag to your image.

5. Make sure your website is responsive

Search engines keep changing and improving as time in online world has slipped into warp speed.  Since mobile searches now outrank people searching on desktop – Google is also giving preference to websites that are optimised for mobile.

 Our Final Stay

SEO is here to stay. Luckily, it’s not as mysterious as you thought. It can easily be integrated to your company’s content strategy and tweaks can be made to your website to be assured that it is optimised.

Sure, a few simple steps and awareness of the ongoing changes won’t skyrocket the traffic and sales .  However, these small steps will create daily increments to your traffic, create credibility to your website and company that in time will give you a steady increase to make your website the strategic digital relationship tool it was meant to be.

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