3 secrets to effective Video Marketing in 2020

3 January 2020

Video marketing is no longer just a buzzword. Today, using video is a “must” for almost all brands…and for good reason. Using video in marketing not only attracts your audience to your business, it represents your brand in every frame. A great example of this is commercials run by Pepsi, Coca-Cola and McDonalds. They are using their videos to show you how you will feel when you have their products. They aren’t selling you a product. However, there’s a familiarity with these brands established over decades that these ads draw on.

A lot of businesses don’t have that history behind them. They need to use video to engage new customers and create more sharable content to keep them watching. Small, less known businesses need to rely on colour, action, movement and engaging images to grab attention with their videos. The list below is only a couple of the 1000s of ways you can make your brand and products videos more engaging.

When planning a marketing campaign, using these tips can help your get the most out of your video content.

  • Quick Motivated Edits

If you have ever seen a movie released since the 70s, you will be familiar with quick edits. Unless using long shots for effect, the average cut rate of a shot in a movie is 2 seconds. We should never expect our audience to watch one continuous take of someone staring into a camera. Unless it’s a ‘How-To’ video. Using quick motivated cuts means you are pushing your ‘story’ forward and keeping it interesting for your audience.

  • Choosing the Right Music

Watching a crowd of people on a worksite with heavy machinery edited quickly would be confusing if the soundtrack was pensive classical music. It’s like having a vegetarian at a meat festival, it doesn’t fit well. So, choose the right music to evoke emotion and engagement in your video content. Good examples are the lost-and-found dog stories or engaging stories of triumph. They have emotionally heart tugging or triumphant music to match.

Warning: using your favourite Dire Straits song or Taylor Swift hit is going to get your video pulled off social media and YouTube. You need to use royalty-free music from sites like KeyFrameAudio.com or ArtList.io. Your videos won’t be flagged for copyright infringement leaving them safe to promote your business. 

  • Show, Don’t Tell.

If it can be said with an image, don’t write it on the screen. This is an advanced way of thinking about your video content. However, if you can nail this technique you will be ahead of most of the others doing video content in-house. Say you have a soap product, you should never say how well it cleans, you should show the viewer. That’s why you see before-and-after examples in washing detergent ads. Results visually are more trustworthy than you just saying it. If you have a farm-to-table vegetable business, show that progression from picking it to cooking it. Showing it being done is far more interesting and, if edited well, you won’t need a single word spoken over it. 

Remember to be creative and be bold. People never notice the company being humble and waiting to be noticed. The only way you will get the word out there is if you spread it yourself. Video in marketing is one of the best ways we can show people what we do. It is both audible and visual. Allow your customers to connect with you through video and you will see the difference it makes. Don’t be afraid to have a go yourself but if you’d like both strategic and production help, we are ready to try and assist here at Nimbler Digital. Feel free to drop me a line.

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