SEO vs Social Media - choices when budget is tight

Posted 17 August 2016 in Social Media, SEO, Content Strategy BY Jonathan Poynter

If you're weighing the options of investing in SEO for your website or hiring someone to manage your social media accounts, where are your hard earned dollars best spent? On one hand, SEO will make your website rank higher on online searches while a great social media campaign can draw a wide audience to market your products and services.

Consider the following benefits SEO and Social Media offer and why one choice may be better for your business.

Benefits of SEO For Your Business

SEO benefits your business in so many ways. Here's a few examples:

1. People Search For Businesses

If you're a business offering services, more people will search for you online. You may have done the same thing when you were in need of a plumber, a chiropractor, exterminator, or a local yoga instructor. People don't search on social media first for these services, they search online to find the best solution. With SEO, they'll find you first.

2. It's Cost Effective

Since people are searching for your services, SEO targets them for you. It's a cost effective marketing strategy to help people find you easier versus searching for new leads on your own. It optimizes your website so it's easy to search and find information while saving you money.

3. Buy Your Way To The Top

If you can't get to the top of search results in your industry with SEO alone, you can buy your way to the top with Google Adwords. Ads can be customized to highlight specific keywords when you show up in search results. Top search results build your presence in a niche and improve name recognition.

In his article for Website Magazine Travis Bliffen (founder of Stellar SEO) also quotes Brightedge who’s 2014 study found 51 percent of website traffic across their study group came from organic search compared to 5 percent from social media. Hubspot also report that Facebook has an average visitor to lead rate of .98 percent. SEO has a visitor to lead rate of over 14 percent.


Source: Brightedge


Benefits of Social Media For Your Business

Social media may however still be the best choice for your business. Here's why:

1. People “Like” You

If you're offering a product to buy, people are more likely to "like" and share with their peers. One "like" gains you access to friends and friends of friends. When people notice their friends like the same brand or product, they're more likely to buy based on this unspoken recommendation.

2. Improved Customer Service is always good for your brand

When your social media is managed, comments are responded to faster. This includes managing negative comments. When negative comments are received or bad reviews are posted, it's best to tackle these challenges ASAP before it spreads across the web. By having a dedicated social media manager, your social media presence is interactive which draws people in and keeps the negative comments contained.

3. Share Your Content

To distribute great content, social media should be a part of your marketing plan. By posting shareable content, this channel can drive significant traffic to your website and improve visibility of the products you offer. The more your content gets picked up and shared, the more you can reach a wide audience.


How Do I Choose?

Which is better for your business? Both options work best together, but if budget constraints force you to choose one, consider first what you're selling.

If you're selling a product which falls into the category of an “impulse purchase,” you may be better served with social media where people share and buy your product. If you offer a technical product or service (a “considered purchase”), people are more likely to search for you online. In this case, SEO is a great choice. 

Choose the most useful option initially and consider adding the other service as soon as you can. SEO and social media work best together to increase your exposure and build recognition and trust around your brand. Of course there is a lot more to professional strategies in both SEO and Social Media management than discussed here. Content strategies, when combined with either or both can amplify both website traffic results and revenue. Feel free to contact Nimbler Digital for an obligation free consultation around your digital marketing needs.

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